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Ondeada y Revuelta.jpg

Ondeada (2021)
for electronics 

Ondeada is an attempt to translate the marimba ensemble's percussion instruments and their timbric characteristics into an electronics medium. The piece uses different motifs of the bordón* and requinta** of Ondeada y revuelta (2021) as musical references. Ondeada unfolds in a single movement divided into three parts in which the bordón and the requinta are developed over a continuum of overlapping undulating processes.

*Executed in the lowest register of the marimba de chonta, an instrument from the Colombian Pacific region, the bordón works as the bass, using a constant rhythmic-harmonic base, and creates variations throughout the whole work.

**The requinta (or ondeada) works as another more complex rhythmic-harmonic base. It is used along with the bordón, but uses the middle register instead. It is a constant motif with few variations and it often duplicates the melody.

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