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Photograph: Elkin Hernández

Fogoniao' (2020)
for flute, viola and harp

Fogoniao’ is inspired by the fogoniao’ fandango, original from El Carito, an área of Lorica, a municipality in the department of Córdoba in Colombia. The fogoniao tradition places three pelayera bands in three different parts of a public square so that the residents of the town can dance around each one of them while carrying lit candles. I wrote this piece as a way to immerse myself in such a musical experience by exploring sensations from my childhood days and my memory as a place where pelayera band music, gaitas, pitos atravesaos and accordions were played simultaneously, overlapping with each other, creating a new sonic reality that had properties not present in any of its individual parts.


Recorded on June 26, 2020 by Natalia Molina (flute), Miguel Ángel Guevara (viola) and María Clara Alarcón (harp).

This work has not been performed live yet.

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