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Eco (2011)
for piano

In three short pieces, ECO (echo) tries to describe the acoustic phenomenon of the same name. Each piece has a different character. The first one, ECOLORES (‘echolors’), is based on a short theme with a consonant sonority, from which different intermixing and juxtaposing lines emerge while generating a wide spectrum of colors. The second piece, ECO (echo), recreates the shape of a soundwave by using resources such as pedals, varies repetitions and symmetric constructions both in its structure and within musical phrases. The third piece, SECO (dry), describes a controlled and dry sound by playing with addition processes, rhythmic substraction, and the use of different metric accents.

Premiered by Ignacio Torner (piano) on April 26, 2018 during a residency of the Spanish ensemble Taller Sonoro.

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