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Aporreao' (2021)
for French horn and electronics

Aporreao’ is an atonal and “destartalao” (destroyed) “porro aporreao” (a banged.up porro), which seeks to translate the euphonium's virtuousity to the French horn. The work is built on the idea of expressing the typical euphonium's improvisational gestures while using traditional French horn's techniques such as bisbigliandi, frulatti, tapados and abrupt dynamics and articulations.

The electronics extend and reinforce the technical and timbrical possibilities already achieved with the French horn, but also create layers by using pre-recorded samples and a looper.


Aporreao’ has not yet been performed in concert.


Recorded by Diego Parra (French horn) and Rodolfo Badel (electronics) in Bogotá on May 25, 2021.


This work has not been performed live yet.

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