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Art: Daniela Mijares

Abozao' (2016)
for viola and piano

Abozao' is written in a single movement. It is inspired by the arrullo and the abozao, traditional musical expressions of the Colombian Pacific coast. In the first part, the arrullo or lullaby can be heard, with small contrasting interruptions that anticipate the abozao of the second part. During the abozao, the piano and the viola undertake a rhythmic adventure while singing an intentionally repetitive traditional melody, evoking a dance and thus creating an agitated party mood. The second part ends with a viola solo which revisits the light texture of the first part, reaching the conclusion with an abozao mood. Finally, the lullaby melody reappears, reconciling the two parts of the work.


Premiered in an adaptation for cello and piano by José David Sierra (cello) and Alphonse Cemin (piano) at the Lille Opera (France) on February 7, 2018.

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